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Finally, there’s an easy, effective and inexpensive way for cyclists to protect their bikes from unwanted scratches and unsightly marks, thanks to PoleProtectr – an unobtrusive aero-designed 3D silicone rubber stick-on accessory, designed to reduce the risk of bicycle frame damage while chained up.

PoleProtectr is quickly and easily secured to the top tube or seat stays (or wherever on the bike) where it stays securely put and acts like a barrier between the bike and the object it’s leaning against, protecting it from unwanted damage.

Even the most careful cyclists have to lock up their bikes against objects that can harm the frame, which can cause annoying dents, dings, and chipped-off paint. PoleProtectr solves this with an impact-resistant, waterproof and durable silicone pad for your bike to rest on, protecting the area of the bike most exposed to aggressive friction when locking up.

The protecting power of PoleProtectr benefits all bikes, new or old, big or small: cruisers, BMX’s, hybrids, folding bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes and even tandem bikes – making it the ultimate companion for all cyclists, from hardcore cyclist freaks to occasional commuters.

Made of food grade silicone, free of BPA and PVC, PoleProtectr’s aerodynamic design features a concave surface to prevent sliding, with small nodes integrated in the design to enhance traction for added security and grip.

PoleProtectr uses a specially formulated backing tape to ensure a secure bond with the bicycle, and the design is discreet and unobtrusive, staying out of the cyclists way when pedalling.

Derek Novak
Perth based science and adventure enthusiast

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